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The horseclans have just been founded, Starclan is new and wars run rampant through out the clans. the only thing you really know is that you can only trust your clan. will you survive?

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    Post by Starclan on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:00 am

    hot with geothermal activity, the hot pools and mudpools here are excellent for the skin. close to the Nightclan border, the two clans have been fighting over this little paridise for the past few years. its Steamy geysers often spook first time apprentices.

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    Post by Crystalfeather on Sun Mar 03, 2013 10:18 am

    The seasoned brave moved with a ghostly ease, her eyes following the eagle. she followed her path through the steaming gyesers that spouted up hot water into the air. her skin twitched whenever a drop of water landed on her fine pelt. her eyes glittered as she noticed the eagles eryie. she put on another gear of speed, her white mane and tail blowing in the wind behind her, her black hooves left little indentations on the earth as she flew over the land. a smile curled up on the mares face as she continued running and running. enjoying the wind tugging at her mane, as the steeper ground appeared she gathered herself and leapt. soaring up her teeth grabbed the eagles leg and she dragged it down heavily. landing a little unsteadily she began fighting the eagle. not letting go she whacked it into a near by tree breaking one of its wings so it couldnt fly away. dropping it rivers of blood soaked down her cheecks from its talons. the eagle glared up at her panting. the white mare reared up and slammed her hooves down into the eagles skull. killing it instantly. she immediatly began gathering its feathers, although custom stated that she couldnt wear the eagle feathers for only cheftians or warcheifs could. however she collected them anyway. ignoring the stinging from her cuts. burying the noblebird she turne and began walking back to camp. her moouth full of eaglefeathers.

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