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The horseclans have just been founded, Starclan is new and wars run rampant through out the clans. the only thing you really know is that you can only trust your clan. will you survive?

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    Post by Nightstar. on Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:00 pm

    Cheftian: Leader, you only get to this rank by being a warcheif first and when the Cheftian Dies you become the new Cheftian.

    Warcheif: The deputy of the clan, sends out patrols and stands in for the Cheftian at the monthly gatherings. there must always be a warcheif.

    Brave: Warrior, they protect the camp and go into battle. they may be gifted with the chance of training an apprentice

    To-Be: Apprentices, these are foals who are Six moons or older. they are assigned to a mentor and get taught battle moves and how to hunt enemies.

    Foal: Young horse under six moons, stays inside camp and isnt allowed out.

    Elderly: old retired braves, they get given plenty of time and the best bits of hay for their service to the clan.

    Healer: the medicine horse, they take care of teh clan and make sure that the supplies of herbs are well stocked. they may also take on an apprentice

    Healer To-be: A medicine horse apprentice. they learn from the present healer

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