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The horseclans have just been founded, Starclan is new and wars run rampant through out the clans. the only thing you really know is that you can only trust your clan. will you survive?

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    History Of the Clans


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    History Of the Clans

    Post by Nightstar. on Sat Mar 02, 2013 12:56 pm

    About Five years ago, there was no clans. All there was was a big warring herd. the previous 'Khal' had died and the male stallions were all fighting it out to become the new 'khal'. during the midst Mares heavily pregnant with foal, and unable to defend themselves were slaughtered, Foals innocent of any crime were slaughtered. The Ancestors of the Herd were horrified and shocked at the barbaric display of behaviour before them. they sent down their best warriors and stopped the fighting. They set out new rules and established four new Clans from the original one Herd or Khalasar. For each new clan the ancient warriors chose a leader, and the clan was named after them. Save for Oceanclan who was named for the Ocean their new territory consisted of. Gone were the old ways of the Khalasar. Now is the era of the Horse clans.
    Nightclan, Swiftclan, Sunclan and Oceanclan.
    Now mares and Stallions learn to be braves together. nolonger are mares left to merely bear more sons. all are equals and a rigid system for when the Leader dies, and for how To-bes are Trained.
    You must be wondering Dear leader, what sort of Ancestorial horses must have come down that were able to stop the battle and bloodshed? The awnser was simple, it was Spirit and Rain, the two legendary horses of the herd of Cimmarron. They decended with fire in their eyes and stars in their manes and hooves to put astop to the barbarity and bring back the light and intelligence of the noble horse.



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    Re: History Of the Clans

    Post by Spottedsun on Sat Mar 02, 2013 9:19 pm

    Beautiful history Night


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    Re: History Of the Clans

    Post by Featherstar on Mon Mar 04, 2013 4:25 am

    Wonderful history. I hate when innocent people die! So sad.


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    Re: History Of the Clans

    Post by Sponsored content

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